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Jim.Care is an automated technology solution that will act as a helping hand for the elderly and disabled in times of emergency

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3.4 million people

over 65 suffer a fall that causes serious injury every year.

6 people

aged over 65 fall over every minute in the UK.

1 person

every hour passes away as a result of a hip fracture.

The Jim.Care project

At Cyber-Duck, we strive to harness our user experience (UX) design expertise for good. We want to tackle the real-life challenges people face by providing digital solutions that make a real difference. That’s why we made Jim.Care, a technology system that acts as a social care assistant.

Jim.Care was born out of our Founder and CEO Danny Bluestone’s desire to help Jim, his next-door neighbour. Danny was helping to care for Jim, who suffered from falls and would often not receive help for many hours because nobody knew he was in need. Like so many people in the UK, Jim required extra help and assistance to help maintain his independence.

We decided to utilise the most innovative technology and apply our UX skills to produce a way to help people like Jim. Our conceptual solution is a conversational user interface that uses Amazon Alexa, Amazon Dash buttons and PIR sensors. When users need help, they can trigger SMS, phone call and notification alerts even when they can’t reach their phone.

Find out more about Jim.Care in the video below.

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